Alphonce Muriu

Chairman, Board of Directors
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Chairman, Board of Directors

Alphonce possesses extensive expertise in propelling the expansion and advancement of financial, trade, manufacturing, and agribusiness corporations across various sectors. He is deeply committed to conducting comprehensive business enterprise assessments and capacity development, which encompass investment structuring, business modeling, marketing system development, actor linkages, and collaborations. Additionally, he excels in project reporting, monitoring, and evaluation.

Throughout his career, Alphonce has significantly contributed to the creation of new programs, project design, and resource mobilization. He has effectively overseen the implementation of major projects, with over 20 years of experience in international development, focusing on financial services management, institutional, and MSME enterprise development, as well as grants management.
Alphonce’s refined knowledge and skills in financial services, strategic management, performance management, and private sector development are noteworthy. He is an innovative, creative team leader who encourages unconventional thinking and fosters work environments that promote inventive and efficient methods of achieving results. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing, a Diploma in Cooperative Management, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Rural Development from Cranfield University, in addition to numerous other professional courses.