If you consider taking a check-off loan, you might first want to know if they are worth it.

Check-off loans are loans available to the employed. The employer agrees with a lender to allow their employees to take loans.

Check-off loans do not require collateral because the employer remits the employee’s loan repayment directly to the lender. These loans also have short processing periods and flexible repayment terms.

Reasons to Apply For a Check-Off Loan

There are many reasons to take a loan, and others do not require you to take a loan. Loans can be used to cater for financial emergencies like sickness and accidents, sudden death in the family and home improvements.

Most people cannot achieve all their goals with one salary, and so they result to borrowing. Whether you have long-term or short-term monetary requirements, an INCREDO check-off loan can come through.  

You can also take a check-off loan to make large purchases. For example, you could need bigger household appliances and electronics, but your salary cannot cater for the expenses.

Vehicle financing can take a financial toll on you. Luckily, you shouldn’t worry about how to finalize your payments when you qualify for a loan. If you are salaried, you can easily get a check-off loan to pay for your next ride.

Have you already found your next home but don’t have enough cash to cover moving expenses? Most homeowners remain stranded and stressed about how to cater for moving costs, yet they can get a check-off loan for the same. Check how much you qualify for with your lender and apply.

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