I opened my beauty salon to sell and care for products from Thika. I produce oils made by myself from my grandmother’s recipes that she passed on to me when I was 12 years old. First, I started to work from home. Then, after having followed the training, I decided to open my salon. Six years ago, I took my first loan of 30,000/= with which I bought a machine to extract oil. In addition to not being forced to use my hands for this purpose, I gained productivity! I am very happy to be able to welcome the clients in this room and no longer at home in front of my children. With the last loan, I bought more materials in order to participate in the big agricultural show in Thika where I was able to present and sell my products. Incredo pushed me to attend and even funded my trips. They also allowed me to take training in marketing and financial management. My long-term vision is to buy a shop and offer more beauty care to my clients.