By Dennis Mwangi

Once that pay cheque gets into the account, there are numerous expenses fighting for a slice of the cheque. With growing expenses in today’s economy, it could be difficult to make saving a priority. The first step of saving is just starting.

Here are a few known secrets in the journey of saving:

  • Make a Budget: To give an overview of what you can afford, write down the total amount of money you are expecting in the month and your consistent monthly expenses like transportation, utility bills and food. Also include your miscellaneous in order of importance. Once this is done, review and take out unimportant activities such as dining out etc.
  • Make a Plan: Now that the budget has been made, depending on the proportion of your savings to your expense allocate at least 10- 15% of your salary towards a savings goal.
  • Make Saving Automatic: You will always find a need to spend so don’t save after spending. Once you have decided on the amount to save each month, you can set up a direct debit into your savings account, that way it is automatic and no second thoughts about it.
  • Set Milestones: Think about a goal you are trying to achieve. It could be a short-term goal like vacations, yearly rent, education and special occasions or long term like retirement, children’s university education and investments. These goals allow you to track your progress, identify and fix problems and even inspire you to save more.

Once you’ve done the above, it will go a long way in the event you need Asset Finance as the savings would act as your deposit.

Go get it now!

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